Software and Firmware Downloads

We have collected all downloads in this section. All links are direct HTTP downloads, so just click them to download.



2015-05-01 Firmware version 1.31 DOWNLOAD
2015-07-04 Firmware version 1.31 with no LED blink DOWNLOAD

2015-10-19 Firmware version 1.33 DOWNLOAD
2015-10-19 Firmware version 1.33 with no LED blink DOWNLOAD

2016-04-12 Firmware version 1.35 (latest) DOWNLOAD
2016-04-12 Firmware version 1.35 with no LED blink (latest) DOWNLOAD

Windows Application

(contains the latest firmware and documentation)

NOTE! A new page with a list of issues for the latest version of the Windows application is here. If you find an error, please e-mail it to us only after checking that it hasn“t already been reported.

2015-05-17 Application version 0.88 DOWNLOAD

2015-05-17 Windows Appliction package with XP prerequisites DOWNLOAD

2015-10-19 Windows Application version 0.91 DOWNLOAD

2016-04-12 Windows application version 1.13 DOWNLOAD

2016-04-14 Windows application version 1.20 DOWNLOAD

2016-04-17 Windows application version 1.21 DOWNLOAD

2016-04-21 Windows application version 1.22 (latest) DOWNLOAD

SCOM Driver

2015-12-06 Stickstation ASCOM Driver (test version) 6.2 DOWNLOAD

2016-04-12 Stickstation ASCOM Driver version (latest) DOWNLOAD

Documentation only

2015-05-17 Stickstation manual 0.88 DOWNLOAD

2015-10-19 Stickstation manual 0.91 DOWNLOAD

2016-04-12 Stickstation manual 1.13 (latest) DOWNLOAD

2016-04-14 Stickstation manual 1.20 DOWNLOAD

2016-04-17 Stickstation manual 1.21 DOWNLOAD

2016-04-21 Stickstation manual 1.22 (latest) DOWNLOAD